South Central (East) Regional Representative

The Alaska State Firefighter's Association is divided into 7 geographical areas with a Representative for each area.  Each Representative is responsible for passing information between the chapters in their area and presenting issues, concerns and ideas to the ASFA Board.  Please feel free to contact your area Representative with any questions you may have or just to introduce yourself.

Jennifer Stubblefield


Hello, fellow firefighter association members. I am delighted to be representing the South Central Region – Valdez and Cordova area. The ASFA has excellent benefits for its membership, and I can assist in navigating those benefits. If you are in my region and are not an association member, there is also an option to be a member-at-large until we can help your area or department develop a chapter. If you need any assistance in navigating the fire world or want to be a firefighter, I kindly offer my guidance in that area. As a firefighter for almost 20 years and an emergency medical technician for over 20 years, I can either find someone to help you or, at least, get you headed on the right path. I began taking fire training classes long before becoming an official firefighter, so I understand the testing process. I may have experienced hurdles that you are trying to overcome. Please feel free to contact me. I can listen without judgment. - Jennifer Stubblefield

Jennifer formerly served as ASFA president, first vice-president, and Port of Valdez Chapter president. As a fire captain on the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline, Jennifer is also the Alyeska Pipeline Chapter president. She serves in the United States Coast Guard Reserves operating a 45-foot Medium Response Boat in her spare time. Additionally, Jennifer’s collateral duty includes responding as a Critical Incident Stress Management peer both locally and overseas. Her most recent responses have been in Alaska, but she responded to Puerto Rico for Hurricanes Maria and Irma and Washington, D.C. for Operation Allies Welcome.





J.J. Stubblefield