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Life Members of the Alaska State Firefighters Association are listed below.  If you know of a life member who is not listed here, please contact ​Robert Dennard.

Life membership in the Alaska State Firefighters Association is attained by serving at least 20 years in the fire service.  At least five of those years must be in Alaska and being a member in good standing with your local ASFA chapter, or has been permanently disabled in the line of duty, may become a life member provided such action has the approval of the Board of Directors.

Life members are voted on at the fall conference general membership meeting.  Chapters should turn in a letter stating the members name, chapter and department that the member served with, at the spring board meeting each year or at the beginning of the fall conference.

Alan Phillips Soldotna
Alan Stevens Baranof Chapter
Alfred Willis Nikiski
Andre Schalk Fire Marshal Office
Andy Postishek Alyeska
Arnold Frederickson Petersburg
Arnold Shudshift Gastineau
Arthur "Art" Nelson Gateway
Benny Cottle Central Mat Su
Bill Gamble West Lakes Chapter
Billy Harris Kenai
Bob Cartmill Gastineau
Brian Major Alyeska
Brian Rankin  Unalaska
Buck Whittaker University of Alaska
Bud Rotroff Central
Bud Sands Central
Bud Stevens Nanook.
Buzz Brown Baranof Chapter
Carl Mulvihill Skagway
Chief Carnahan West Lakes Chapter
Craig Warren Baranof Chapter
Dale Butts  Phoenix
Dan Jager  Cordova
Darrell Banner Port of Valdez
Dave Lawson Port of Valdez
Dave Lewis  Baranof Chapter
Dave Miller Baranof Chapter
Dave Swearingen Baranof Chapter
Dave Squires Seward
David Gildersleeve Port of Valdez
David Unrue Kenai
Dewey Whetsell Cordova
Dick Davis Gastineau
Dick Groff Cordova
Don Kluting Baranof Chapter
Doug Boddy Gastineau
Doug Devore Central Mat-Su
Doug Karpstein Baranof Chapter
Doug Welde Petersburg
Eddie Athey  Phoenix
Eileen Nally  CCFR
Emil Berikoff Unalaska
E. Robert "Bob" Haag Gastineau
Gary Shoop Port of Valdez
Gene Bennett Anchorage
George Keeney Port of Valdez
Gerry Helland Baranof Chapter
Gordon Brunton Gastineau
Greg Barkley Central Emergency Ser.
Greg Raschick Baranof Chapter
Howie Pitts Baranof Chapter
Jack Krill Central Mat Su
Jerry Kainulainen Baranof Chapter
Jim Carroll Capital City Fire Rescue
Jim Eakins Central Mat Su
Jim Steele Central Mat Su
Jim Stolpe Petersburg
Jim Ujoika Port of Valdez
John "Jack" Dinneen Cordova
John McCrehin Baranof Chapter
John Stephens
Jon Gibson Kulis
Jon Stevens Petersburg
Karen Kluting Baranof Chapter
Katie Dangle Baranof Chapter
Ken Nalan Skagway
Kenneth Allen Judson Gastineau
Kenneth Welde Petersburg
Lloyd Ellingson L.N. Curtis & Sons
Lolly Dahl Baranof Chapter
Mark Barker Charles Whitethorn
Mark Johnson Kodiak
Mark Kirko Cordova
Marty Fredrickson  Baranof Chapter
Mike Motti  Baranof Chapter
Mike White Baranof Chapter
Mr. Andre Schalk State Fire Marshal's Office
Mr. Ben Essendrup Baranof Chapter
Mr. E. Robert Haag Gastineau
Mr. Lloyd Ellingson L.N. Curtis & Sons
Norm Fredrickson Pertersburg
Pat Eggers Capital City Fire/Rescue
Rob Mathis  Phoenix
Rob McGraw Baranof Chapter
Robert Carlton Alyeska
Robert Kindred  Juneau Chapter
Robert Kluting  Baranof Chapter
Robert Plumb Cordova
Roberta White Baranof Chapter
Rod Ady Baranof Chapter
Roger Deffendall Unalaska
Rusty Greeley Kenai
Rusty Grilley CES
Richard "Rych" Clime Capital City Fire Rescue
Scott Foss Baranof Chapter
Sean Corrigan  Phoenix
Sid Moore Port of Valdez
Steve McCann Alyeska
Steve Schreck Department of Public Safety
Susan Royce Baranof Chapter
Suzie Hill Koklich Port of Valdez
Tee Tolliver Central
Terry Moon  Phoenix
Tim Koeneman Petersburg
Todd Kollar Capital City Fire/Rescue
Tom McAlister Port of Valdez
Tom Take Alaska Fire Service Training
Tony Herman Baranof Chapter
Troy Brevik Baranof Chapter
W.A. "Buck" Whitaker University Fire Department
Wallace Dawson Gastineau
Wayne Greenstreet Skagway
William A. "Bill" Hagevig Gastineau
William Bergmann Petersburg
William Schecter Fire Marshal's Office
Zac Shasteen  Unalaska
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