Benefit Information

The Alaska State Firefighter's Association offers many benefits to our members including the following:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance- $10,000 Benefit

    *In the United States, accidents are the number one cause of death among people under the age 38, and the fifth leading cause of death overall. Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance (AD&D insurance) from Provident helps provide added protection for Volunteer firemen and emergency medical responders.

    *Volunteer firefighters and emergency responders are covered by our AD&D insurance while performing any activity of their organization, and when they are off duty. Members are covered 24 hours a day for injuries sustained anywhere in the world, and this includes riding as a passenger in any aircraft being used for the transportation of passengers.

    *Our AD&D coverage includes a Seat Belt Benefit which is an additional 10% of the AD&D benefit that may be payable if an insured person dies as the result of an accident in any vehicle while he or she was wearing a seat belt.
    • Additional Accident and Health Benefit 

  • Carquest Auto Supply - Show your ASFA Membership or Fire Department ID card to receive special pricing.
  • Benevolent Fund
  • National Fire Academy Meal Stipend
  •  AT&T Discount 15%  

Ken Akerley Training Grant

Ken Akerley Training Grant General Information:

Grant Application


The Ken Akerley Training Grant Program, implemented in 2002, is designed to provide rural firefighters, in need of current training, the opportunity to attend the annual ASFA Fall Training Conference. Our project and criteria for applying are outlined below.

*Provide needed assistance for rural firefighters to attend certified training at the ASFA Annual Conference in September. Specifically, we will provide airfare, hotel, and conference fees, as needed, for each selected individual excluding pre-conference training. Applicants may attend pre-conference training at their own expense.    

*Program provides reimbursement for expenses. Applicant, if approved, makes their own reservations. In an effort to use the grant wisely, airfare must be 21 day advance notice pricing. Reimbursement will not be made if approved applicants cancel or fail to attend all classes.

* Applications must be received prior to conference. Grant funds are limited and applicants are encouraged to apply before July 15th.

High School Student Scholarship

High school student scholarship general information:

Scholarship Application

As a benefit of membership, the Alaska State Firefighters Association will award up to $2000 per year to graduating seniors of association members in good standing of the ASFA. The scholarship monies will be divided evenly between all qualified applicants with a cap of $500 per student.

In order to qualify, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • enrolled with a letter of acceptance from the college or vocational school (approved or accredited),
  • have a minimum of 2.0+ GPA,
  • graduating from an Alaskan high school,
  • be an ASFA member or parent/guardian is an ASFA member in good standing, and;
  • meet the appiication deadline of May 15th.



Learning Partnerships

Columbia Southern University learning partnership, 10% tuition discount and scholarship opportunities:

Waldorf University learning partnership, 10% tuition discount and scholarship opportunities: